If you are planning a party for your child and everyone in the class is invited, please feel free to place invitations in the tote bags outside your child's classroom. If the entire class is not invited, please use the regular U.S. mail to deliver your invitations.

Field Trips

FPDS goes on very few field trips. We invite special guests which enrich our program so that external field trips are limited to the older classes. When a class goes on a field trip, parents provide the transportation. We require a copy of each driver's license and insurance information. There needs to be a car seat for each child, an adult hand for each child to hold, and at least 2 adults in every vehicle. Each car seat provided for each child must be properly secured in the vehicle according to the specifications of the manufacturer of the car seat in which the child is sitting. Furthermore, each child must be properly secured in the car seat according to the specifications of the manufacturer of the car seat in which the child is sitting. Classes may walk over to the fire station, the mail box, or a neighborhood business but there still needs to be enough adults for each child to have an adult hand to hold. 17 - FPDS Parent Handbook

Stay n Play

Stay n Play is an extended childcare service available to registered students from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm. each day. It is not part of our regular planned day. Parents will be billed $15.00 per day per child to utilize this program, or you may purchase a pack of 10 stays for $100.00. Students must be signed up by the morning in order to attend.

After School Enrichment

At times, special enrichment classes are offered at First Presbyterian Day School directly after school. These programs are separate from the Day School programming. The enrichment teachers must meet safety and legal specifications required for all teachers of young children; however, they are contracting with parents to provide the enrichment programs, rather than as a part of the Day School staff.

After School Policy

If you would like to visit with other parents, you must sign your child out, exit the building, and visit on the small playground or gravel picnic area. Our teachers need time in their classroom to clean up and prepare for a new day. Stay n Play students and staff are the only people allowed on the large playground immediately after school. Please be aware that the labyrinth and parking lot are not play areas!

In order to retain the privilege of playing on the small playground after school hours, the posted playground rules must be followed by you and your children. You may only enter and exit the small playground through the Day School building. Children may not enter the building for any reason whatsoever without an adult.

Parent Visitation

Parents are always welcome to visit the school and their child's class unannounced, during regular school hours.

Possibilities for School Closing

  1. FPDS will close when Austin Independent School District closes or delays due to bad weather.
  2. FPDS will close in cases of flooding, fire, lack of utilities or other eventuality making all or part of the building inaccessible, unusable or unsafe.

Refunds for tuition are not provided due to emergency school closure or for reasons as stated above.