First Presbyterian Day School is a Christian community that strives to nurture the spiritual growth and formation of each child and family. We believe that children have an innate sense of the presence of God, and nurturing children as they grow to know God’s love is a cornerstone of the First Presbyterian Day School experience. This happens through the care and modeling of teachers, pastors, and staff, as well as through weekly chapel worship.

We hope that each child learns these four foundational truths through their time at FPDS:

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Foundational Truths

God loves me and the world.

God created me and the world.

I can worship God.

I can serve God and others.

Christian formation is integrated into the Day School curriculum by:

  • Relating children’s learning to their growing awareness of God’s creation
  • Praying at mealtimes and at other times of the day
  • Reading bible stories
  • Weekly chapel with the pastor in the Sanctuary

Weekly Chapel is led by the Pastor for Children, Youth and Families in the Sanctuary. Children pray, sing, and hear bible stories using Godly Play curriculum. Godly Play exposes children to foundational stories of scripture and to religious language, and also encourages them to wonder about God’s world and to discover how they are a part of God’s ongoing story of love and redemption.