Social, Emotional and Spiritual Goals

  • Increased autonomy
  • Good self concept
  • Secure relationships with adults
  • Enjoyment in playing with others
  • Beginning of assimilating different points of view
  • Caring ways toward others
  • Constructive coping with fears, anxieties and frustrations
  • Positive attitudes toward school and learning
  • Curiosity and initiative
  • Increased problem solving ability
  • Persistence in task completion
  • Demonstrating Christian values

 Cognitive Goals

  • Understanding and responding to ideas expressed through oral language
  • Expression of ideas through language and symbolic representations in effective and varied ways
  • Arrangement of ideas or objects into relationships noting similarities and differences
  • Initiation of ideas and questions

Physical Goals

  • To build awareness of one's body in space
  • To coordinate fine and gross motor skills