Financial Assistance

First Presbyterian Day School is committed to providing financial assistance to families who need it. A portion of our fundraising efforts is dedicated to our Day School Scholarship Fund each year enabling us to respond to a short-term family crisis or longer term need for tuition assistance.

FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment conducts the financial need analysis for First Presbyterian Day School. Families applying for financial assistance for the upcoming school year will need to complete an online application and submit the necessary supporting documentation to FACTS. Applications that are submitted late or incomplete cannot be considered with all the other applications. FACTS gathers documentation to analyze the family’s ability to contribute to the cost of tuition. Decisions are based on each family’s financial situation and the financial resources the school has available. Financial assistance for the entire school year requires a complete FACTS online application and review process. Forms must be submitted to the Day School Office by March 1 of the previous school year.

Please note:
The FACTS online application process will require information such as: family size, total income, assets, investments, debt, medical expenses, and other unusual household expenses. You will be asked to provide copies of the most recent tax return, including all supporting tax schedules, W-2 Wage and Tax Statements, and documentation of all other household income to FACTS.