What to Bring


Each child needs to bring the following:

  • A CHANGE OF CLOTHING, labeled with the child's name. As the weather changes, check to be sure the clothes are appropriate, and still fit; and,
  • A LARGE OPEN TOTE to be carried to and from school each day. It should be at least 15 inches square. Please do not send a backpack or smaller tote as they are difficult to open. School totes are available in the office for $5 if you don't have one. Please help your child and the staff by having a large open tote bag!

An additional classroom supply list will be provided by your child's teacher.

Pacifiers, Bottles and Lovies

Pacifiers, bottles, and lovies are not encouraged in the classroom. Pacifiers impede the development of healthy socialization and expressive language. We encourage parents to implement a routine of saying goodbye to pacifiers in the car or before entering the school building.

If you wish to breastfeed your child during the school day, we are happy to provide you with a comfortable space to do so.

Because of strict hygiene requirements, security items are not allowed in the classroom. They may wait for their special item in the tote bag or maybe in the car seat.


Children should be dressed in washable, comfortable clothes, with closures the child can deal with independently.

You will need to send a change of clothing to be kept for your child at school in the event of an accident. A complete change of clothing should include a top, bottom, underwear, socks and if possible, extra sneakers. Be sure to remember to replace the extra clothing whenever they are used and check throughout the year to be sure they still fit and are appropriate for the then, current weather.

Make sure your child knows it is OK to get a little dirty. We make an effort to see that the children wear paint smocks, but accidents happen. Your child will be more comfortable if s/he wears clothes that can become dirty or paint-spattered without upsetting you. When children refuse to take part in activities because they are afraid they will get their clothes messy, they miss some great learning experiences.

Closed toed and closed heeled sneakers are the only footwear allowed at FPDS. We are looking out for the children's safety. If your child wears sandals, cowboy boots, spike heels, you must change them into sneakers before they may be left at FPDS.

Remember, we will be outside every day the weather permits. Please dress your child accordingly. During cold weather months, keep an extra sweater or mittens in their bag in case the weather changes.

Diapers and Toilet Training

Please, only use pull-ups or training pants if your child is in the very last stages of toilet training. Cloth diapers are not allowed as they can potentially promote disease transmission.