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Room Representative

Attend monthly PTO meetings and disseminate information to classroom parents.

Serve as a liaison between the teacher and the parents. 

Maintain a list of volunteer sign-ups for your class.

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Participate in 2-3 Saturday workdays during the year to assist with playground upkeep.


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Other Opportunities

Classroom Celebration Night - Provide set-up, clean up and decorations, and coordinate the meal and money collection for the annual event/dinner held in the Spring.

Gingerbread House Party - Volunteers will need to organize, shop for candy, make icing, etc.

Multi-cultural Lunches - Help the school coordinate, decorate, and celebrate fun-filled, authentic 'holidays' - Chinese New Year, Persian New Year, and Cinco de Mayo. The celebration includes school decorations and a festive luncheon for the school.

School Photos - Assist the photographer and teachers during the Fall and Spring photo shoots. Assist with processing and distributing orders.

School Calendar - Help create, publicize and distribute a fun compilation of photos of the classes and children in a 12-month calendar. The calendar includes all the important dates and events for the Day School.

Parent Education - Organize parent education speaker series during the school year.



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While we hope that all families will be able to volunteer in some capacity, there is a Volunteer Buyout option, where you can donate $75 to be used for childcare, food and supplies for the PTO meetings and committees.