After School

Exciting enrichment opportunities are offered at FPDS directly after school. These programs are offered by independent businesses and are separate from Day School programming. These enrichment teachers meet our  background checking, safety, supervision, hygiene, and liability specifications.



Classes are so much fun with Sportball, where children can develop the skills and confidence to get in the game of basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, football, hockey, tennis, and golf! Sportball provides classes both Tuesday and Wednesday after school from 1-2pm.

 Our highly trained coaches play one sport a day and break down skills into kid-sized bites of fun that promote the fundamentals and encourage teamwork. Our goal is to give kids the tools to get in the game and leave them with the desire to stay in the game.



Just Imagine teachers foster confidence and inspire creativity in every student. Their goal is to help preschool students utilize the creative and critical thinking parts of their brain through dramatic play and creative problem-solving which helps them to be more innovative, creative and flexible now and later in life.


Creativity, communication, problem-solving, empathy, collaboration and confidence are all important human resources needed to succeed and developed in this fun after school activity.